Dear Parents:

For Language Arts this year, each student will have a homework assignment given on Monday and due on Friday. The assignment will be described in detail on the direction sheet that your child will bring home at the beginning of each week. It usually will be a composition paper covering various writing skills that we are studying in class.

Each quarter the cumulative grades of the homework papers will count as part of the student's Language Arts grade. The student must hand in the directions sheet, an edited scratch copy, and a typed final copy.

The first assignment, due 8-30-12 is attached to this sheet.

Would you please sign below and have your child return this sheet?

Thank you,

Ms. Millar


These are the qualities each paper will be graded for:

  1. Heading (proper classroom heading)
  2. Six Traits of Good Writing: Ideas, Organization, Voice, Fluency, Conventions, and Word Choice
  3. Topic sentence
  4. Supporting sentences (at least 3)
  5. Concluding sentence
  6. Content of paragraph
  7. Neatness (typed)



Total Points Possible = 30 points

I have read and understand the responsibilities my child, ________________, has in completing his/her PAW assignments.

________________________________ (parentís signature)


Date Issued: No Paw

Date Due:

 the next.



___ 5-8 sentences for each paragraph
___ A TRANSITIONAL sentence which smoothly takes your reader from paragraph one to paragraph two...
___ Six traits of writing, focusing on sentence fluency and word choice (figurative language)
___ Clearly reworked rough draft with revisions.
___ Final is neat and written in ink or typed
___ Signature of adult who helped you proofread, revise, and edit
___ All three papers stapled together with cover sheet on top. (cover sheet, edited copy, final copy)